Wednesday, August 26, 2009

trong - pantai remis

I remember i went thru dis road like every week on the wkend. Shah Alam - Manjung - Tpg, Tpg - Manjung - Shah Alam. Tiring. But i did dat for i wanna do dat well. For like a year plus eversince aku kat UniSEL. It was a high time for me. My life was beautiful bck then.. Erm, i dun knw wats wrong wit me. But cant help thking about it for its been quiet a while since aku last go thru dis road, alrite. I am not angry. I cant be hating the whole shait, anymore. For dats the thang shaped me for wat i am now. For it is wat i am now. I am having a good life now. Fmly, frens, and ppls dat care for me and ppl dat i love, arnd me. And it is way much better than before. Damn way much better. I thank God for wat it brings me. The experience shapes me. I started to appreciate life, more than i ever think, God sake. A bit late, perhas. But i believe we r never too late to start anythg new, at all. At least.

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