Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to go, or not to go..

shaving sucks! o yea?

"If you're a man, you are going to shave for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not.

Many men find shaving painful and uncomfortable, but this is mainly the result of poor technique.

Learning how to shave correctly, while using a good razor and shaving gel/foam, will ensure a clean and close shave every time.

Proper shaving techniques will also help prevent painful razor-burn and ingrown hairs.

By following this step by step guide, you will learn how to shave correctly and comfortably.."

owh, shut up. i stumbled into dis one website of health24.com while doin some browsing, last nite. it talks about men and how to shave correctly. first - i dun really wanna giv it a single shait, for dats the one thang (among few others) yang i hate of doin, and i never learn of doin it well - all dis years. shaving my face? nope. i'd rather go for kedai mamak potong rambut and misai and let him do it well for me. or otherwise - i might as well shave my skin off, rather than jst doin my beard/mustache alrite.. and leavin all sort of parut ere and there.. but then again - for the last coupla weeks, i do believe i am learnin. heh. dun laugh. dun even think of one, alrite. life is a learnin process, wat? if i dun know how to shave my face; it wldnt make me a gal then aye? and i am learnin now - and i think, i am doin a job, tho. no wound, no casualty, no bleed and no nothg. jst a simple baby-butt face. and i aint a bimbo, God sake.. heh. i swear to God the mamak shop will regret for keep me waitin each time aku go there - waiting in line jst to get done. and he'll be losing one of the customer yg keep on coming like every 2 times a week, jst to get rid over his facial hair - for i refused to look like another chimon. heh.. erm, is dis for real? gee.

shldve be in the office. or - i shldve be on the road for clinical visits/supervision. but i aint feelin like doin so. may be i shld - a lil bit late tho. or perhaps - may be i wont. heh. i dun know. i jst dun feel like doin anythg at all. malas sgt2..

kelas smlm pun - i went there for the sake of i din go there for a bout a week now, since i was hooked up wit thgs, lately. i dun really enjoyed it then. tak ramai org pun. balik rumah, golek2 dpn goggle-box, off to MuMu early.

and i jst cant wait for trow..

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