Saturday, August 1, 2009

taiping zoo, today.

Filling up my Sat doin smthg better, at least for today. Its been a while since aku get involve wit prog held by dis non-gov body to increase awareness rgrdg nature and wild instilled among the kids and youngsters - and today, after yrs of not doin or gettin involved wit any, i am bck on track. There'll be arnd 60 bdk2 skol menengah from arnd Ipoh will be brought arnd to see wilds, animals and such. And its gonna be in Zoo Taiping. Heh, its been ages since i last be in there, tho i am from Taiping.. All i gotta do is incharge of arnd 10stdnts, brìng em arnd, show em arnd, do some interactive sessions and explain thgs as needed. Öther than dat - its gonna be me and the camera.. Theres coupla thgs marching up there in my head. But then at time bein, i shall keep it aside as i will definitely deal wit em, alrite. For time being, a step at a time. And for today - charity work and hi-tea @ Sri Malaysia Ipoh at 4pm. Darn i shld be doin dis way long bck before..

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solo molo said...

g0od j0b..
happy t0 hear that..