Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday morn..

Lazy Sunday. And its raining. I had a good sleep last nite. And a good jog plus an hr of massrobic at Pdg Polo before the rain comes. Had my breakfast at Stadium Indera Mulia when the down pour started. Hit home wit nthg much to do. Its laundry day alrite. Yet its rainìng. U knw dis both thang wldnt go well, together. The laundry. The rainy day. I knew it darn well too. But heh, dat wld be a great yet awful excuse to not doin so, aye? So i did. I mean, the laundry. Lantak la ujan ke, apa ke. Laundry ttp laundry. Nanti aku sidai je kat porch. Malas sgt tgguh2. Tangguh2 = kain makin byk = byk nak kena lipat = euw! Rasa nak muntah bila aku dgr 'lipat kain'. Its gonna be a hectic week ahead. Work, kolej nye knvo, classes at nite etc. I need to go up to Penang too, whch i dun knw when. And its gonna be a mix up month too. New thgs, experiences, thgs i wanna hav yet i dun hav rite to, more news to come - bad or good? papers to sit. Damn. Too many thgs to do. Yet too lil time..

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