Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday @ kampung..

Reached kampung arnd 8.30pm, i drove pretty slow thru the h'way. Kinda sleepy dat i dropped by kat R&R Bkt Gantang jap for a breakfast. Mak abah at home, as usual. Mak awal2 lg dah ngomel since 'aku nampak selekeh sgt' dat aku shldve looked well-kempt mcm adk ipar aku wit kemeja tucked in. Or tshrt collar. And yeah, tucked in. Euw! She knws wat i am goin to say, but dis time arnd aku jst duduk diam2 je, sengih2. Round neck shirt, jeans r me, after ofc hr. And never ever, ever thk of dat. Heh, Belia 4B sgt2. Ngah and fmly yet to arrive, soon i thk. Cant wait for the minimonsters.. Its gonna be a one fine wkend, alrite. Trow and the whole wk to come wld be hectic for me - trow Pangkor, 11 rehearsal, 12 convo, 14 to 16 exams.. Heh. Thk about the exams, rasa gelabah pun ada.. pe pun tak revise lagi. And 15th.. i wish.

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