Thursday, August 13, 2009

study. stido. exam. Fraser.

nope. i din take dis pics.. i downloaded em all.
i'll be snapping more, on my own - insyaAllah.. and i jst cant wait.

heh. i am gettin more headache now. i see so many thgs in one page. bley? too many theories. too many thgs. aiyoo.. i used to be OK doin all dis 'last minit study' but now.. damn, i think the age is catchin up la kot.. minum Nescafe a real damn big mug pun wldnt do any changes.. once angin ngantok dah dtg - 'study' wld easy change into 'stido'. heh.

cant help thinkin the trip - next week to Fraser. it is the last thg i wanna do, hell yeah. i am takin off days for the trip - hope it'd be great. i've been wanting to go up there for so long - i got lots of ample time, chances yet i dun really put an effort in it God sake.. time2 mcm ni baru la kelam kabut arrange dis and dat. then again - i still hope its gonna be worth. heard theres nthg much up there.. but yet - it din change my mind, really.

i wont go wishin for anythg else, after dis.

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