Friday, August 21, 2009

selamat berpuasa!

Ramadhan dtg lagik. and i cant contain the feelin inside - the joy - i dun know. theres a different feelin each time Ramadhan pops in. and today - i mght be as well as takin a half day je at work - for i am leavin for kampung.. kak ngah and her troops, cik and his troops will be inas well. bet mak abah will be at the top of the world. and dis wld be the best time of all - for bein able to celebrate the first day of Ramadhan, out for terawih sama2, bersahur ramai2 and berbuka too.. i've been around and bersahur/berbuka on my own is not somethg dat i want, really. wonder wat mak will cook for us. usually - she'll never left out her 'telur masin' and 'acar limau' (damn my fav!) for she knows none of us really do wanna eat during sahur.. except for Kimie - damn! he really eats like a horse. tp at 12pm - dah start tarik muka nak berbuka poser. haha

nthg much in the office. i a gotta finish up coupla thgs for next week nyer classes, visits and such. other than dat - i do believe i am havin my head there in Fraser still - somewhere around the spooky clock tgh2 jalan tu. di Pusat Bandar Bukit Fraser (katernyer!). heh.

and before its too late - for all out there - Selamat Menunaikan Fardu Ramadhan.. may dis time around wld be the better one, insyaAllah.

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looka80 said...

jm - salam ramadhan.