Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on the road, again.

Its 7.20am and i am alrdy on the road. Gotta be an early birdie, i hav to today for i want to finish thgs early for i gotta catch my MOPD aptment, before 5. Sounds ridiculous - for Beruas, Pantai Remis is a bit jauh jgk la dr Ipoh. Heh, i jst hate drivin and do all dis travellin during dis fasting mth. Further more, aku rasa mcm tak sdp bdn la plak pg2 neh. A bit dizzy, slightly nauseated. Heh. Esk dah Khamis. And i am taking a day off, on Friday - will be leaving the town up till Moday. I wish i cld pace down a bit during Ramadhan. But it looks like i aint. Theres few aptments i need to cath up wit, UPM and such. Gez dats the way it is, huh? Damn, nape la plak byk lori on dis Ipoh - Lumut by-way? Shait.

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