Monday, August 10, 2009

new day..

Kicking off Monday morn bck on the road. Its 7.05am and i am alrdy on the h'way heading out of Ipoh. Its gonna be Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Tawar and KK Pulau Pangkor. Pangkor? Again. Shait. It aint dat i hate to go there. The sea. The sceneries nvr fail to amaze me. Tp the travelling hits me alrite. Heh. Penat la.. But if its for a hu ha hu ha.. tak pulak penat, eh? Heh. Typical mentality. Nama je keje, blum pe2 dah penat. Erm.. anyway, aku aint grumbling. Startin off whole new day, whole new wk - i cant affort to be darn negative about whole thang, aye? Its gonna be hectic days for me, dis whole week. Sounds tiring alrite, but i gez lifes like dat. And i will make sure i wont be trippin dat easily, hell yeah. And damn, Jelapang neh pg2 dah jam. Pe kes? Argkh..

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