Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mum. job description.

woke up early dis mornin - i off to MuMu around 12.30am - pretty late alrite. some issue to settle and got some works to be done as well.. hit the sack late means i wont be gettin a proper sleepin alrite.. but i dun really think its gonna be a big deal anyway - used to it, lately. i am jst glad thgs r alrite and thgs r all in proper places where they shld be.. except the trip to Penang; i yet able to figure out when.. heh.

its gonna be a pack today, alrite. classes of 3hrs on Memory and Consciousness for the junior. and i gotta run to psych wards for the seniors gonna hav their presentation on the case studies etc.. and choir practise at 10am. aiyooo.. and tonite - kelas fotografi as usual. i started to hav dis feelin dat i am gonna skip another gym and jog today. adoo sgt..

theres a bitchanges ere n there in my life, lately. i was running around to cath thgs up; to patch up wit watever i hav to - along time back and even at the current run. i pretty tired alrite. aku smiled to myself bila semlm - after done wit the swimmin class - mak abah were ere since dah lama sgt aku tak balik kg.. as usual - mak will start her 'khutbah Jumaat' (tho it aint even Friday yet) complainin wat kinda life i am havin, why aku nampak pucat, tired and etc etc.. and the best part was whe she said 'along, nape nampak susut sgt bdn neh? makan tak?'.. i was like 'yayyyyy!!!'. tp tak la aku loncat dpn dia - nak mampus? i was jst sit there; munchin while my ears on her words.. erm - to be frank; aku hardly catch pe yg dia leter pun.. as someone told me - dats wat mum do. its in their job description. hehe..

btw - dis pic aku received early dis morn., from kak ngah.. it explained y last coupla days when Kimie called me up sayin 'pak long.. angah and kakak jadi ninja skang pi skol..'. hahaha..
aint they both lovely? (Areeyna on left, Kimie the notorious on the right)


Amazingly Azlynn said...

SS: yeay!!! u dah kuyus...:D..i jeles taw!

btw, kata2 mak satu rahmat...dengar, mana yg kena tu u kena kata AMINNNN.....barulah mujarab!


RIZAL said...

ni pic of swimming class?
was expecting..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Azlin - indeed!

Rizal - not a chance! Haha