Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday morn., alrite.

cant really sleep last nite. i was blinking, staring the darkness away. i am sure i did fall asleep now and then - but it wasnt dat enuff alrite. and dis mornin, i was strugglin in wakin up outta bed - the headache, again. i was shocked by the alarm, and havin kinda tuff time in jumping outta bed. it took me another 30mins to slowly woke up, findin my hard way to the washroom. i was sad. angry. frustrated at the same time. all dis makin me damn bloody eager to travel to Penang real damn soon..

feel like rempit-ing to the ofis. and i did. u never know the feelin - bein able to be fast ahead than anyone else - and overtake the car dat previously overtook u. wit a pride, alrite. haha.. furthermore - i gotta be back early today. and gez wat? its gonna be my first day to the swimmin class! yayyy!! wldnt dat be nice? heh - excited neh. hahaha.. mcm budak2 plak.

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