Friday, August 21, 2009

last sunset, before Ramadhan..

Reached kampung arnd 6.30pm, after like 1hr plus behind the wheel. Byk kete, pretty jammed alrite. Erm, i knw the definition of jam is way far difrnt between ere and KL.. but as long as theres like 15 or more cars infrnt of u and the flow is like a freakin snail - damn dat is 'jam' for me in ere. Heh, wats wit dat face? Haha.. Rmh mak dah kecoh, Hasif and Sara - anak cik pun dah cukup make thgs upside down, and fun. Ngah yet to be seen. Mak ckp anak2 dia dmm, so ngah was like 'liat' sket nak balik, tho my lil sis damn well - i knw she wants to be ere, among us all. Soleh tak smpai lagi. He drives my other car since he's done wit the class lil bit later after 5pm. Aku mls nak tggu, again - i hate jalan sesak. First nite for teraweh.. Jgn aku tdo in between, dah! Heh.

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