Sunday, August 23, 2009

its a yawn-day.. (yayy!)

Sahur done. Subuh settled. I mght as well cntinue the journey to the MuMuLand before the sun sets in. Minimonsters sneaked into the room tdi, bkn stkt gerak2 aku for sahur, tp siap loncat2 buat free dive watever not - jst to get me outta bed. Geram lar! Heh. Now they r sleepin post-sahur, thk i am gonna hav my free-war-time for my own; and i am goin to jst do the golek-ing ere kat ruang tamu je. And if any of the creature ever wakes up, i shall then lari msuk bilik. How dat? Erm, wanna join me? Sneakin under dis blanket? Haha.. Yayy! Its a yawn-time. And a yawn-day! *yawn 10x*. Nite!

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