Monday, August 17, 2009

its Monday!

its Monday, alrite. heh

yeah - Monday morn. u dun hav to tell me dat. its the first day of the week alrite. usually i used to kinda hate it well. u know wat i mean - the hang over post-weekend kinda thang... but dis time around - heh, i think i am gonna love Monday alrite. class for 2hrs on Stress and Management, clinical for coupla hrs around the psych. setting and off i shall leave for gym and jog and at nite - its gonna be my photography class. damn - talkin about the photography classes - dah dkt seminggu aku ponteng - since aku bz dgn papers, convo and such. the same thang wit kelas renang. i am gonna kick-off back again at full blast, starting dis week. and yayyy!! dis Wed- Thursday - i am gonna be on leave. Fraser it is!! huhu

it was a great weekend, yeah. i managed to hav kinda good break yeha - suits me well, after the papers and all the tiring week. went of for GI Joe. heh - i aint gonna talk about it alrite. it was a great time. but a bad choice. the thg is - lama dah aku tak tgk wayang kat Ipoh neh.. hehe

gtg. catch u later.

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