Wednesday, August 5, 2009

its dah Wed.!!

reached home after the class around 10.30pm.. aku was doin the golek-ing in the coach infront of the idiotbox when finally aku dozed-off to the MuMuLand in my jeans and tshirt wit the hand phone rite on me.. heh. pathetic. at 11.30pm somethg aku crawled upstairs, hit the sack and off to the MuMu back again - and again - in my jeans. heh. never did dat before - sleepin wit the jeans on. aku was so damn bloody tired, i think.

woke up wit a brand new feelin. theres coupla thgs in mind - but i gez dats normal. i am arranging a trip to Penang trow, off to Island Hospital for some kinda thg to deal wit - there. i hope thgs r ok tho deep down theres doubt in whole thang. i wanna ended up dis guessing game and if i needed to be referred somewhere else in the world - gez i'd go wit the flow.

bz day today. grand ward round wit the stdnts and all specialists and such, meeting at 11am kalo jadi, class of Anxiety/Neurosis/Psycho-sexual and Personality Disorder at 2 - 4pm wit the seniors, gym at 4 - 5pm, swimming at 5.30 up to like 6.30pm. heh. and yeah - choir practice at nite dgn budak2 neh..

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