Wednesday, August 5, 2009


jst done wit the class. pretty darn tiring - i am havin sort of dry throat now. the class went well - i din hav any prob wit dis K23; they r nice bunch of stdnts, responsive and kinda smart - in a way, alrite. but the again tadik - aku lost my edge la jgk since got dis 'rasa-bagus' kinda gal yg dok main2 h/phone balas2 msg during my class. and shes sitting dpn - second row dr depan. bley?? pantang nenek moyang cucu cicit aku sesgt! aku hamek h/phone dia, aku siap2 leter2 jap dgn mode yg serious. so budak2 neh menikus la sekejap.. aku tgk budak perempuan neh dah serba tak kena.. nak menangis tak menangis. kali ni mmg aku cldnt careless - for i knew dis gal nyer character yg somehow mmg nyakitkan ati kdg2. heh. geram aku siot.

off for a jog, soon. and swimming class after dat. i am takin day off trow - headin for Penang. and dats for real. be it for better for worst. i gez - once for all.

cant help thinkin the plan of goin up to Fraser Hill. i gotta go there - by hook or by crook - even if i gotta go there all alone. it aint important tho - but as for me.. i jst wanna be there, at least once. it kinda sad for it is not gonna be the way i wanna be initially - at the first place. but i gez - dats the way it is. and theres always be a bless in it, for sure. and i wont go grumbling - i shld be takin dis as it is. at least theres a good thing in it. and i know i'll be ok.

gotta go. be back.


Anonymous said...

sir......for ur information......girl yg those sir sentapzzz tu mmg deserve it pon!!!.... dier tu mcm bitch jew!... perasaan chanteks!!! bley die ckp cm nie..... " weh aku ni cantek kan??? dr kecik ag aku da cantik..."... statement bodoh nk mampos!! n kerja dier mencharas org jer..... mana2 guyz yg owg suka, die pun akan mengangkang nk that guyz....dgn purpose nk buktikan yang dier ni canteks!!!!... n 1 statemnet bitch dier ag...." give me 1 week n i'll get that guyz.." mcm hanjjj kn.....

jerry maguire, jr. said...