Wednesday, August 5, 2009

flamingo thang! haha

***** ******

Today at 11:56am

We are doing a proposal...need some flamingo sleeping pic...If client buy, I will pay you. can you send to *****@****** Thanks!

Today at 11:59am

erk - hold on.. u'll pay me? wow.

btw - dis is for real aye? i am sorry. i never been thru dis, before. pls do advice.

***** ******

Today at 12:07pm

If only client approved. Rm250-300 per pic. We need it for a 'nature' project. Send now? My meeting at 3pm.


i was checkin my FB's inbox when i stumbled into dis msg. it was from one of the fren - he's a darn prof photographer, i think. and i was like - heh, is dis for real? haha

wow, wld dat be somethg, for u? well for me - dammit it is. i dun care if the client doesn't wanna buy pun - it aint matter (of coz - if they do, walllaaa!). but then again - u know wat i mean.

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