Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FB and the quiz.

i did dis so-called quiz (i normally dun believe in one) in FB regarding Personality Analysis - Wats Ur Most Dominant Trait.. first i think i'd jst skipped dis out for i hate answerin questions and hav to deal wit all MCQs. but dis one i believe kinda different.. and the result was like.. whoaaa.. ok. damn - dis is so damn bloody me. heh.

see it, for ur own eye-candy kinda thang. and watdya think?


Shah Shahe damn - i gotta be more assertive and say more 'NO!'? heh.

The creator and helper. You are kind-hearted and avoid conflicts. People often ask you for favors because they can count on you (wow? really??). You hardly ever say the word ‘No’. (damn!!) You can blend into any situation well. You have a very laid-back personality that everyone enjoys because you can work easily with anyone (yada yada yada..). You could be very sensitive at times and bottle up emotions (erk..). You can easily gain friends, but you’d rather be in solitude. You tend to say yes to everyone that you end up putting too much on your plate. (oh-my-geeee..) Although you can have your time in the spotlight sometimes, you are mostly a listener. Be careful not to be a doormat! (fcuk!! how do they know dis?) You can tend to put others before you sometimes even if you don’t want to help! Saying ‘No’ will not break a friendship (*sigh*)..

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