Saturday, August 29, 2009

day one.. *yawn* pt. 3

And it rains! Lebat giler. Suddenly u started to hav dis feeling like u wanna jump in join, jump outta ur 3/4 pants, into ur birthsuit, run down the stairs like a mad man and run around in the rain, get wet and celebrate. And almost all out of a sudden, ur surrounding turns kinda cold a bit, and ur eyes turn steamy. U got nthg in ur head, except for a cozy coach to crash in, hit ur MuMuLand well - no soya bean, no Gardenia, no sekaya.. U look at wall, and it is like.. damn, 3 hrs to go. And dis is aint rite. Sthg has to be done. And yeah, aku nak tdo.. skang jgk. Ngantok weh! Nite.

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juk said...

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