Saturday, August 29, 2009

day one.. *yawn* pt. 2

And i gez, dis is wat a good boi shld be doin. Stayin put, be nice, extra innocent plus decent, read books - again and again, and do ur thang alrite. As for me, aku mark all dis bdk2 nye scripts, paper Behavioral Sc. Some ppl ask me 'why bein a good boi now and coupla days to come? other than dat?'. Haha.. Erm, i mean - i am kinda extra good la kot. Haha.. Aci tak mcm tu? Puji diri senirik. Pening la marking paper bdk2 neh. Jwpan mcm cipet sekor2. Keji sgt. Geram pun ada. Rasa nak bg markah ikut timbang je. Bley? Heh.

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