Friday, August 14, 2009

a day, goes by.

the day went well. first paper at 9am - aku rasa i did well. not much problem, i supposed. but the second paper at 3 - i din expect such questions wld turned up. such a pissed. but then again - i managed to pull thru. and i managed to 'fill up all the empty pages', betul salah - itu lain cerita lar, kan? heh.

off to the clinic as aku shld be. for the first time - aku comply to the TCA date. nothg much. and nthg new. came back home wit nthg in my head. numb.

try doin some readin, it din go rite into my head.. i gez i need not to waste no time. shall be headin MuMu soon, and try again - to sit and do the readin at 3am, perhaps.

no. i wont go grumblin again. it wont help. and it wont be rite.


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