Friday, August 14, 2009


and the day is finally ere. heh. i hate it. why on earth do we hav to hav an exam eh? who on earth yg create dis so-called 'exam' thang? damn shait. but its ok. it wasnt like aku tak pernah duduk for exam pun.. and i've been thru dis a lot. the stress buildin up. the tense. the LV over both eyes for stayin up. the crave for more sleepin. and the the-more-u-read-the-more-u-lupa thingy. so cemaneh? heh. but the less i read, the more gelabah i am. adeh..

2 papers today. at 9am and 3pm. i've went thru em all - the notes, modules, the conteng2 at all pages et al. now its the matter of sama ada they stuck in there and able to drain out soon je.. i hope it aint stuck there and refuse to come out dah la.. or i thk it stucks in there, but it is somewhere else.. matilermelk! mintak simpang!!!

wish me luck. i need the whole wide world kinda luck, today. not only today - for trow and a day after trow. i know i'll be OK. but the feelin deep down - damn! i am not sure if i am OK now, God sake.


btw - yeah.. wish me luck, eh. think i need some. i mean - a real lots of it.

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RIZAL said...

Good Luck abg..
all da best.