Monday, August 10, 2009


Lifes like dat. Dats the phrase. And for me it aint jst a phrase. For i do blve its the way it is. U want it like dat, u may get it. And if ur, dammit its good for u. U want it like dis, stimes not a chance or even likely u'll hav it the way it is then.. And u'll start wonder why dis and dat thking dat u do deserve the way it is alrite. Or stimes, thgs u never thk of, but then u'll hav it jst like dat. Even if u want it, or not. Wldnt dat a miracle then? All dis hit me alrite. Stimes in life we better off havin less xpctation, coz i do blve the more u hav, the torture urslf wld be. For stimes, those unpredicted thgs in life wld bring u more than u ever tot - it jst a matter of s'ada we r ready or not..

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