Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i was reading dis article in Digital Camera Mag regarding New Ideas for.. Black & White. heh. interesting. but then the setting and all r most likely for those ppl wit those big-big dslr.. kinda frustrating. its a long way to go, really. i still got a lot of thgs to learn. shldve done dis along way back, before.

these r some shoots yg aku saja2 amek for fun - around the house yg berselerak neh..

a bit of memory, ere and there - my meja study.

meja study still - she's cute, isnt it? heh.

OCD over H1N1. hehe

sarung kamera murah aku..

Digital Camera Mag. i learn a lot from dis great mag, really.

bakul where aku susun my socks in it, tepi chest-drawer.


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hiks. klau edit ckit neh. da cntik..