Sunday, August 23, 2009


I hate to admit dis, but i gez its alrite to vent it in ere. I dun really like of goin to the wet market, God sake. I knw, i hav to hav reason for dat - but for dis one, i dun thk of givin one pun. Bkn la aku tak nak pi lnsg, jst dat i dun really keen of goin. If i were given a choice between wet market and.. mak, bley tak along smbg tdo? Definitely u knw the answer. Its Sunday, meh! Its a yawn-day!! Haha.. Its raining kucing dan anjing, and ere i am teman my mum walking arnd cari thgs to cook b'buka kang. Mak ckp she's goin to cook me bubur lambuk - and i was like, damn! bestnye.. Huhu.. And she wanted me to list down wat to hav besides dat. So ere it is - asam pedas keladi, goreng pucuk paku.. And mak was like, 'itu je?..'. Wah! And the rest, aku leave it to Soleh and kak ngah la to decide. Its still ujan renyai2. And dammit, i thk i've left my head, my soul under the blanket, in my cozy bed, still.. Mak, can we head home, like.. NOW? *yawn*
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