Monday, August 24, 2009

aint typical Monday, it is.

kinda bz day today. but i thank God for it aint boring, God sake. thgs went smoothly enuff, and i was kinda like day like dis, alrite. i aint keen of liking Monday dat much - but today - heh, so so lah.. coupla thgs happened and i was still in sate of 'in the cloud nine yet refused to come down' kinda thang. erm, nice thgs wldnt happen everyday, rite? so i am enjoyin every bit of it, indeed.

in pink today - not really pink, but kinda pink. heh. not realizing dat i am havin 2hrs tutorial 8 to 10am. i was like - erk, i am pink. how am i gonna go teachin? i know it aint big deal - but.. heh, its ok. only brave and sexy in pink, someone told me. haha.. yeah rite.

it was rainin all petang. din hit me alrite - for it aint got nothg to do wit me pun. aku pun tak berapa nak sgt merayau2 di psr ramadhan wit all dis H1N1 thang around u - bein in crowd is the last thg i wanna do.

eager to face tomorrow.. for wat ever it brings me alrite. i am not like dis all the time. but lately.. erk - stop lookin at me like dat. ppl change, aye?

and i think, i am. for good. for life aint dat long, we gotta make it worth it God sake.

dis is pink, isnt it? heh.

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