Monday, August 31, 2009

final day.. and finally.

I feel numb. But i aint confuse. I aint mad either. I gez, i dun really sure how i am feeling rite now. Theres no use to blow my top i gez. I jst dun see any reason of doin so, anyway. I feel like i couldnt careless. I feel like.. dammit, i gez dats the way it is tho. Dats the fact when ur livin in dis world. Truth hurts. And reality bites. But then, i jst need to get thru it well, for i aint got no choice. I will walk thru it, and i wont be turning bck. I aint be seeking no explaination. Or truth. For i dun feel like to, anymore.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Its gonna be another rainy day..

day two.. *heh*

Woke up late, arnd 6.15am. Kinda late dat i missed my sahur. Damn. I had nthg in mind, feelin kinda restless for some unknown reason. Or perhaps, i mght knw the reason yet i aint really sure of it. I keep on looking at the phone, yet nthg really is there. I am in wonder..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

end of the *yawn* day.

I am glad i managed to finish up coupla thgs today. Half of the bundle - abes aku marking. 2 Reader's Digest abs aku baca, plus 2 bck dated Nat Geog nye mag. Aku still hav coupla mags to be done wit. Mght hit the MuMu early tnite.. *yawn*


Life cld be very damn strange. It swings us like shait dat s'times left us in wonder. Ppl come and ppl go. Ppl change like nbdy biz. U can go predict the weather, but not a creature called human being. Life's so damn freakin weird it makes us running in a circle well. The human itself's weird, and its human nature to put a blame on sthg else. And its life to be blame then..

day one.. *yawn* pt. 3

And it rains! Lebat giler. Suddenly u started to hav dis feeling like u wanna jump in join, jump outta ur 3/4 pants, into ur birthsuit, run down the stairs like a mad man and run around in the rain, get wet and celebrate. And almost all out of a sudden, ur surrounding turns kinda cold a bit, and ur eyes turn steamy. U got nthg in ur head, except for a cozy coach to crash in, hit ur MuMuLand well - no soya bean, no Gardenia, no sekaya.. U look at wall, and it is like.. damn, 3 hrs to go. And dis is aint rite. Sthg has to be done. And yeah, aku nak tdo.. skang jgk. Ngantok weh! Nite.

day one.. *yawn* pt. 2

And i gez, dis is wat a good boi shld be doin. Stayin put, be nice, extra innocent plus decent, read books - again and again, and do ur thang alrite. As for me, aku mark all dis bdk2 nye scripts, paper Behavioral Sc. Some ppl ask me 'why bein a good boi now and coupla days to come? other than dat?'. Haha.. Erm, i mean - i am kinda extra good la kot. Haha.. Aci tak mcm tu? Puji diri senirik. Pening la marking paper bdk2 neh. Jwpan mcm cipet sekor2. Keji sgt. Geram pun ada. Rasa nak bg markah ikut timbang je. Bley? Heh.

day 1.. *yawn*

'An intense and emotional dream could move you so powerfully that you awaken with the odd sense that the dream was real. Write it down. Maybe it is!'.. The horror-scope for today. It makes me thking, alrite. watever it means, lah. lazy day, nthg much pun. i mght as well spend it doin some reading. and do some marking as well. turun bendang? erk. haha..

Friday, August 28, 2009


And suddenly i wish i cld rain down. Its so damn freakin hot..


The sky. The clouds. The green. The ppl arnd. Its different, really. I aint keen for dis break initially, but i knw i am goin to be alrite. Its a change of environment. Change of air. I thk its gonna do no harm.. Tho theres a feeling of boredom in me, a bit of it, i thk. Yet theres sort of excitement alrite. I shall then jst enjoy every bit of it, every moment for sure..

a break, dat is.

At the peak of it, cuaca best; tak panas, wit kabus all over. And the wind blowing like nbdy biz. Its been like 3hrs of drivin now, so i decided to stop for a while. Nak minum2 mmg tak la, puasa. So jst went off for a washroon, walk about for a while, and shall be leavin bck on the road, real soon. I got coupla missed calls from the ofc., and coupla calls from KL too. Answered a few, left the rest talkin to my bitch, my voice machine, it is. The decision has been made, and i had no regret. May be in the future, insyaAllah..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the heh-day!

aint kinda the day dat i really wanna go thru, God sake. i was so hooked up wit dammit-so-many-thgs rite on by the time aku punched in at 7am, up till now. even now pun - aku kena draft dis surat - yang aku mcm.. heh, meluat lar! draft2 surat ni so not me. the meeting jst now was like so-so je.. it aint easy when u hav to chair the meeting.. and the rest of the AJKs r like.. ur seniors yg 'mcm tin kosong', yr own colleagues 'yg pandai ckp keje tak buat', yg i-know-all kinda person and such. heh. aku sah-sah la byk senyum tadik, pahala - w'pun deep down, aku rasa nak sawan Tuhan je yg tahu.

budak2 health system research (HSR) finally dtg jumpak all their penyelia - itu pun lepas Mr Bong kuar surat bagai. and again - the whole bilik lecturers were like cramp wit students, including mine. aku senang - ko dtg wit otak kosong, apa pun tadak, anta proposal kajian yg ko sendiri tak faham mender nak kaji - out of the room, pls. and go get a proper life. heh. mls dah aku nak layan student2 yg asyik nak kena spoon-feed je all the time. dis aint Sekolah Rendah (J) Tamil ke haper.. heh. geram arrr..

cant wait for the workin hrs to be over. nak balik, jump into my short, lepak2 dpn idiotbox waiting for iftar.

and trow - its gonna be a long journey then!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lokasi today - Pasar Ramadan Taman Perpaduan. Ujan2 pun ramai org. Tak faham aku. Payung kiri kanan, nak cucuk2 mata org. Heh. Dah 2 kali aku pi balik.. Tp tgn kosong lg. Kalo 7 kali pi balik pi balik mcm ni, sah2 la bley dpt haji dah. Aku yet tak decide pe lagi nak beli for the iftar. I am bad in dis. When i cant make any decision, i tend to borong watever not infrnt of me then. Aku hrp2 tak la kali neh. And i learn smthg too. Never bring u wallet wit full of cash or u mght ended up beli segala bagai. And today, aku jst bring rm20. Cukup ke, tak cukup ke, itu je.. Byk2 beli, tak abes, dosa. Dosa, masuk neraka. Neraka? Euw.

trong - pantai remis

I remember i went thru dis road like every week on the wkend. Shah Alam - Manjung - Tpg, Tpg - Manjung - Shah Alam. Tiring. But i did dat for i wanna do dat well. For like a year plus eversince aku kat UniSEL. It was a high time for me. My life was beautiful bck then.. Erm, i dun knw wats wrong wit me. But cant help thking about it for its been quiet a while since aku last go thru dis road, alrite. I am not angry. I cant be hating the whole shait, anymore. For dats the thang shaped me for wat i am now. For it is wat i am now. I am having a good life now. Fmly, frens, and ppls dat care for me and ppl dat i love, arnd me. And it is way much better than before. Damn way much better. I thank God for wat it brings me. The experience shapes me. I started to appreciate life, more than i ever think, God sake. A bit late, perhas. But i believe we r never too late to start anythg new, at all. At least.

pekan beruas..

In pekan Beruas alrdy, yet to be in KK Beruas. Gotta stop for a while for i need to sit and hav a break for a while. The headache is killing me. Damn.


Yeah, yawn. I started to feel sleepy and dead boring goint thru dis winding road. It feels like forever. Beruas, 20km to go. Huargkh! Now the signboard dah tnjuk Changkat Jering. Changkat Jering means dah Taiping. Taiping means, erk.. kalo lajak je balik kg, aci tak? Heh.


First stop. Pejabat Kesihatan Bota, need to meet up wit the Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah, for tea. Bley? Heh. No lah. Jst dat lama dah aku tak jmpak dis guy, a nice simple down to earth doc., so since dah along the way, aku jmpak la jap. Smbg2 jap.. Leaving to KK Parit now. Nak msuk je kete, bru aku perasan sthg about the car. Weh, chomot giler.. Berselut. Last aku drive dis car waktu balik kg bru ni la.. Aiyoh, need to send for a bath la..

on the road, again.

Its 7.20am and i am alrdy on the road. Gotta be an early birdie, i hav to today for i want to finish thgs early for i gotta catch my MOPD aptment, before 5. Sounds ridiculous - for Beruas, Pantai Remis is a bit jauh jgk la dr Ipoh. Heh, i jst hate drivin and do all dis travellin during dis fasting mth. Further more, aku rasa mcm tak sdp bdn la plak pg2 neh. A bit dizzy, slightly nauseated. Heh. Esk dah Khamis. And i am taking a day off, on Friday - will be leaving the town up till Moday. I wish i cld pace down a bit during Ramadhan. But it looks like i aint. Theres few aptments i need to cath up wit, UPM and such. Gez dats the way it is, huh? Damn, nape la plak byk lori on dis Ipoh - Lumut by-way? Shait.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nerdy = weirdo?

nerdy = weirdo?

Tuesday mornin wit 3hrs of classes - on Human Motivation wit the juniors. heh - another day dat will ended me wit kering tekak. may be i shld change the methodology in teachin sempena bulan Ramadhan neh - let the students do the talking, more than me?

i look like a freaking nerdy today - bangun lambat, tak sempat nak put on my lenses - ended up i am walkin in to work wit my specs on. damn. hate it.


Monday, August 24, 2009

aint typical Monday, it is.

kinda bz day today. but i thank God for it aint boring, God sake. thgs went smoothly enuff, and i was kinda like day like dis, alrite. i aint keen of liking Monday dat much - but today - heh, so so lah.. coupla thgs happened and i was still in sate of 'in the cloud nine yet refused to come down' kinda thang. erm, nice thgs wldnt happen everyday, rite? so i am enjoyin every bit of it, indeed.

in pink today - not really pink, but kinda pink. heh. not realizing dat i am havin 2hrs tutorial 8 to 10am. i was like - erk, i am pink. how am i gonna go teachin? i know it aint big deal - but.. heh, its ok. only brave and sexy in pink, someone told me. haha.. yeah rite.

it was rainin all petang. din hit me alrite - for it aint got nothg to do wit me pun. aku pun tak berapa nak sgt merayau2 di psr ramadhan wit all dis H1N1 thang around u - bein in crowd is the last thg i wanna do.

eager to face tomorrow.. for wat ever it brings me alrite. i am not like dis all the time. but lately.. erk - stop lookin at me like dat. ppl change, aye?

and i think, i am. for good. for life aint dat long, we gotta make it worth it God sake.

dis is pink, isnt it? heh.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

yawn-day, as it is.

Ujan dah berenti. And the sunshine alrdy out there. Aku plak dah mcm penat lyn all these kinda newspapers, mags etc. Bdk2 not arnd, thk abg ngah bwk em all out for a ride in their new Exora. Tak plak nak ajak aku, kan? Soleh pun not arnd, cldve been out s'where in my other car. Abah was like, 'erm, dah jadi harta dia nampak kete along tu..'. Heh, biar la. Dia je adk böngsu aku, dia duduk rmh je pun tak buat aper - asek tdo and ngulat dpn idiotbox. As long as we knw his whereabt, tau dia goin out dgn sape, balik on time - dah cukup baik. Aku thank God for havin a good small bro like Soleh, yg aku tau sgt - kalo bdk2 lain at his age surely go haywire. Mak, i thk she's kat dapur la kot. I cld hear all those lagu2 klasik playing from her stereo.. dun ask me wat, for i am damn freakin sure dat aint any of Beyoncè, God sake. Ampun mak, along lawak je! Haha.. Abah? Sah2 la dlm bilik dia, wit books, journals et al. When his pintu bilik tutup, all of us dah tau, dat means 'get outta ere, i am doing some reading in ere' kinda thang.. Cucu dia pun dah tau. Need no sìgnage hang up the door, they will back off, God sake. Erk, btol kan kak yang? Haha.. Nak marking paper, tak dak mood. Nak mandi, air tak dak. Dah call LAP and they told me 'encik nombor 53 buat laporan yg sama.. sabar encik, ya!'. Sabar my arse. Erk, aku poser. Heh, yeah - sabar my arse. Pantang je wkend, sure tadak air. Paip pecah lah, apa lah. Ni la masalah kat kampung neh. Geram aku. Kesian mak, nak masak bagai kat dapur. And kesian kat aku jgk, asek2 aku je yg kena angkut air dr telaga luar rmh ke dapur. Berbaldi2! Heh. Mak ckp, 'tak pa along.. pahala tu!'. And aku was like - sengih2 je lah. Alhamdulillah. Enuf said! *yawn* thk i shld find my way bck sneaking into the bed, eh?


I hate to admit dis, but i gez its alrite to vent it in ere. I dun really like of goin to the wet market, God sake. I knw, i hav to hav reason for dat - but for dis one, i dun thk of givin one pun. Bkn la aku tak nak pi lnsg, jst dat i dun really keen of goin. If i were given a choice between wet market and.. mak, bley tak along smbg tdo? Definitely u knw the answer. Its Sunday, meh! Its a yawn-day!! Haha.. Its raining kucing dan anjing, and ere i am teman my mum walking arnd cari thgs to cook b'buka kang. Mak ckp she's goin to cook me bubur lambuk - and i was like, damn! bestnye.. Huhu.. And she wanted me to list down wat to hav besides dat. So ere it is - asam pedas keladi, goreng pucuk paku.. And mak was like, 'itu je?..'. Wah! And the rest, aku leave it to Soleh and kak ngah la to decide. Its still ujan renyai2. And dammit, i thk i've left my head, my soul under the blanket, in my cozy bed, still.. Mak, can we head home, like.. NOW? *yawn*

its a yawn-day.. (yayy!)

Sahur done. Subuh settled. I mght as well cntinue the journey to the MuMuLand before the sun sets in. Minimonsters sneaked into the room tdi, bkn stkt gerak2 aku for sahur, tp siap loncat2 buat free dive watever not - jst to get me outta bed. Geram lar! Heh. Now they r sleepin post-sahur, thk i am gonna hav my free-war-time for my own; and i am goin to jst do the golek-ing ere kat ruang tamu je. And if any of the creature ever wakes up, i shall then lari msuk bilik. How dat? Erm, wanna join me? Sneakin under dis blanket? Haha.. Yayy! Its a yawn-time. And a yawn-day! *yawn 10x*. Nite!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


First day of Ramadhan. Kat kg - great yeah. First day of Ramadhan - on the road for the whole half of the day.. i gez dat aint cool, i thk. I was like doin Selama - Taiping - Parit Buntar - Selama, tak incldg roaming, wandering in between. Kenangkan bwk mum je, aku dok diam2. Kalo tak.. Adoi, big time! Baru smpai rmh, golek2 dpn goggle-box alrite. I am sleepy. I am tired. And, yeah - darn hungry too. Heh, kalo mak tau aku merungut mcm neh, sah2 la kena khutbah! Haha.. So, for the time being - soya bean, cincau soya, roti plus sekaya, cupcakes, kueh ketayap, cokudang, mee bandung, smbal tumis petai, tauhu sumbat and the list goes on. And, erk - McD's too. Air kolah dlm bilik air pun buat aku lemau paler lutut. Heh.. 2hrs to go. Wish aku stay kat ChCh je. Kan?


I knw i shldve not be up yet now. But mak dah kept on knocking the door, and i was like, 'jap la mak.. jap.. nak bgun lar neh!' but yet, u knw wat it is. Dah riuh rndah kat luar, esp all the minimonsters wit their own kerenah. Mak cook a lot, usually she is not like dis. Ni dgn daging msk itam, ikan grg, msk lemak kobis, acar limau, telur masin yada yada yada.. And i was like, 'heh, dah b'buka poser kah neh?', and 'matilermelkgumok!'. Heh, dah. Bgun sahur. NOW!! *yawn*

Friday, August 21, 2009

last sunset, before Ramadhan..

Reached kampung arnd 6.30pm, after like 1hr plus behind the wheel. Byk kete, pretty jammed alrite. Erm, i knw the definition of jam is way far difrnt between ere and KL.. but as long as theres like 15 or more cars infrnt of u and the flow is like a freakin snail - damn dat is 'jam' for me in ere. Heh, wats wit dat face? Haha.. Rmh mak dah kecoh, Hasif and Sara - anak cik pun dah cukup make thgs upside down, and fun. Ngah yet to be seen. Mak ckp anak2 dia dmm, so ngah was like 'liat' sket nak balik, tho my lil sis damn well - i knw she wants to be ere, among us all. Soleh tak smpai lagi. He drives my other car since he's done wit the class lil bit later after 5pm. Aku mls nak tggu, again - i hate jalan sesak. First nite for teraweh.. Jgn aku tdo in between, dah! Heh.

outta ere!

shall be leaving the building soon. think i've packed myself well - i mean - wit all stuff yg aku shldnt bring back home (yet i am) but i do dis time around.. a bundle of formative paper to mark, a file of questions to go thru before submit em all to SUP, and coupla thgs more. i left my camera somewhere, so i cant bring it back home.. so no taking pics around the house and of all the minimonsters, too. ermm..

u ppl hav a great Ramadhan then. a mean - it shld be startin well, to end up well too, i think. and hav a bless one indeed. jgn lupa terawih!

will be back, when i am there kat kampung then.

selamat berpuasa!

Ramadhan dtg lagik. and i cant contain the feelin inside - the joy - i dun know. theres a different feelin each time Ramadhan pops in. and today - i mght be as well as takin a half day je at work - for i am leavin for kampung.. kak ngah and her troops, cik and his troops will be inas well. bet mak abah will be at the top of the world. and dis wld be the best time of all - for bein able to celebrate the first day of Ramadhan, out for terawih sama2, bersahur ramai2 and berbuka too.. i've been around and bersahur/berbuka on my own is not somethg dat i want, really. wonder wat mak will cook for us. usually - she'll never left out her 'telur masin' and 'acar limau' (damn my fav!) for she knows none of us really do wanna eat during sahur.. except for Kimie - damn! he really eats like a horse. tp at 12pm - dah start tarik muka nak berbuka poser. haha

nthg much in the office. i a gotta finish up coupla thgs for next week nyer classes, visits and such. other than dat - i do believe i am havin my head there in Fraser still - somewhere around the spooky clock tgh2 jalan tu. di Pusat Bandar Bukit Fraser (katernyer!). heh.

and before its too late - for all out there - Selamat Menunaikan Fardu Ramadhan.. may dis time around wld be the better one, insyaAllah.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

mission two..

Cupcake Chic; Back to Basic my fav and 24 Karat. Damn. I am bloody full.

mission one..

Hot Toasted Subs; Subway Melt my fav as usual. 2 pieces of choc and oatmeal cookies to go..

the curve..

..for some.. u-knw-wat. I gotta get the taste of it, before goin home and regret for not havin it anyway.

end of it..

Checked out, leavin Fraser now. Despite of nthg at all, the trip was a great one, the surrounding, the quietness.. And the best part is, i managed to kick off one particular item out from the long to-do list. Will be in KL for a while, before off for my home town..


woke up at 7am, off for breakfast. it waint dat cold in ere, i still can wander wround in my 3/4 pants wit round neck tee, and selipar Jepun alrite. but at nite - damn it was cold anyway! and frankly speakin - theres nthg much in ere, less stalls, less shops and less population. talk about cilivization. heh. but its alrite. i aint looking for somekinda grand thang around - i jst wanna be in ere, for a break. for the sake of i never be in ere. and i wanna be in ere, as well.
semlm - drove around the winding road leads to nowhere. pergi balik, pergi balik.. jumpak the same landmark. but the view, the wild was kinda superb. managed to stroll down the Jeriau Waterfall - and dammit, it was kinda spooky. no human being around, at all! heh. after all, watdya expect? ppl r workin, and ere i am wanderin about. but it was a nice waterfall, after all. air a bit kotor, tp ok la.. and its cold, dammit. and the trails - so many of em. i wanted to go down/up all along - but i wasnt.
stayed back all nite. not sure of where and wat to do as well. Celcom Broadband dpt full line but i jst cldnt make it online - dun ask me why.
i am glad i made dis, alrite. i shall now - jst wait for Ramadhan to come, and go thru wit it well - hoping there'll be no unexpected thgs, happen. i need no more suprises, God sake.


Breakfast! And its damn cold in ere.. (nah, it aint dat cold anyway!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


..up. Great weather. Clear sky. I am having nthg in head except some excitement, eager to hav a lil bit of break, time on my own. At Kuala Kubu Baru now.. Will write more.

a break.

I am leaving the town, for coupla days. I knw it aint sthg big. And it aint big deal too; but i am glad. I am freakin glad, alrite. I am off to Fraser Hill for 2d/1n. Cant be taking too many off days, and kinda rushed in planning all dis - God knws how thrill i am for bein able to make dis before Ramadhan, jst like i wish it'd be.. I've been wanting to go to Fraser for quite a long time, but i never put up much effort on it. I love the highlands, as much as i am in love wit the beaches. Gez i'd be smiling after dis. And gez i'd wont be askin, for anythg else then - after dis.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


dun u think so?

ppl dat know me well, know well enuff dat i am sort of devoid of coupla thang when it comes to all dis sort of superstitions, co-incidence, 'tak sengaja' kinda thang and paranormal inclinations. i dun believe in ESP, ghosts (erk..), mythical creatures and erm - UFO. ok - can i kick the UFO off from the list now - i do think they r exist, anyway. hahaha.. but then - i dun "believe" dat much in science - rather i hav a bit of foundation in scientific theory and principles wit a pretty decent of understandin of the universe we live in. yet again - i dun claim to know or understand everythg and even if i dun know wat caused the Big Bang - i am perfectly fine wit my lack in scientific explanation for it. regardless of all dis - my entire week, last week - has been pretty darn weird.

the rest of the week was full of lil co-incidence. no. dun look at me dat way. not dat i am now sort of believing in one - but, heh - can i jst use the word, now? once? i remember theres one day when it turned out to be yet another unusual day. i dun know wats in the air but for some reason - i was treated extremely nice while i was there in the office, during the graduation thang, even when i went to the Giant for my grocery stuffs. i know everyone has days when ppl seem extra nice (or extra mean) but i am talkin about free meals - u sit there havin ur meals and realized s'one paid it all for u, yet ur not sure who kinda thg, s'one say 'hi' and break the ice during ur shoppin and pushin-the-trolley moment and at the end of it - ur wondering 'heh, saper eh.. rasa mcm kenal'. ppl were so nice nice dat i kept wonderin is s'thg was wrong wit me.

but then - i was glad. thinkin back - i've stopped questioning why dis and why dat. like i said - i dun believe in anythg. i mean - most of the thang. but then again - theres one thg dat i know. and i do believe in it as well. i do believe i am ere for a purpose. i do believe everythg happens for a reason. i do know dat i hav managed to overcome some pretty tuff hurdles wit support from fmly and a ton of luck. lots of strange thgs happen in my life dat i cant seem to explain. however, the fact dat i dun understand y s'thg happens, doesnt mean i am goin to believe it happened of some mystical miraculous reason.

life is jst plain weird. it is.

irritating. and annoying? heh.

i went thru Reader's Digest (Aug. 2009) and came up to dis nice short article. and i wanna share it well, wit u guys..;

Irritating Phrases In English.

Can you add to these often-used and annoying phrases? The list was compiled by Jeremy Butterfiled in Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare (Oxford University Press).

  1. at the end of the day..
  2. fairly unique
  3. at this moment
  4. 24/7
  5. i personally..
  6. it's a nightmare
  7. it's not rocket science
  8. with all due respect
  9. absolutely
  10. shouldn't of

it put somekinda smile on my face. damn! theres coupla phrases i've been using em all in classes and such (not including those in FB, blog and such) and dammit - they r on the above list.

annoying. and irritating, aye?

i bet i can add more, better off. God sake.


..and finally aku decided not to go then. i mght as well stayin back at home and hav my schedule, re-scheduled. i'll be doin wat i shld be doin all dis while, i shld be writing a lil bit more today, i think. drink more OJ and watch the goggle-box too, perhaps. and do the laundry. and read coupla mags i shldve been readin em all well, yet i din get the chance of doin so. or mght as well - ended up travellin more to the MuMu, perhaps. barber soon. and gym/jog before i off to the swimmin class.

and i shall be packin up for trow, and the day after.. tnite.

to go, or not to go..

shaving sucks! o yea?

"If you're a man, you are going to shave for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not.

Many men find shaving painful and uncomfortable, but this is mainly the result of poor technique.

Learning how to shave correctly, while using a good razor and shaving gel/foam, will ensure a clean and close shave every time.

Proper shaving techniques will also help prevent painful razor-burn and ingrown hairs.

By following this step by step guide, you will learn how to shave correctly and comfortably.."

owh, shut up. i stumbled into dis one website of while doin some browsing, last nite. it talks about men and how to shave correctly. first - i dun really wanna giv it a single shait, for dats the one thang (among few others) yang i hate of doin, and i never learn of doin it well - all dis years. shaving my face? nope. i'd rather go for kedai mamak potong rambut and misai and let him do it well for me. or otherwise - i might as well shave my skin off, rather than jst doin my beard/mustache alrite.. and leavin all sort of parut ere and there.. but then again - for the last coupla weeks, i do believe i am learnin. heh. dun laugh. dun even think of one, alrite. life is a learnin process, wat? if i dun know how to shave my face; it wldnt make me a gal then aye? and i am learnin now - and i think, i am doin a job, tho. no wound, no casualty, no bleed and no nothg. jst a simple baby-butt face. and i aint a bimbo, God sake.. heh. i swear to God the mamak shop will regret for keep me waitin each time aku go there - waiting in line jst to get done. and he'll be losing one of the customer yg keep on coming like every 2 times a week, jst to get rid over his facial hair - for i refused to look like another chimon. heh.. erm, is dis for real? gee.

shldve be in the office. or - i shldve be on the road for clinical visits/supervision. but i aint feelin like doin so. may be i shld - a lil bit late tho. or perhaps - may be i wont. heh. i dun know. i jst dun feel like doin anythg at all. malas sgt2..

kelas smlm pun - i went there for the sake of i din go there for a bout a week now, since i was hooked up wit thgs, lately. i dun really enjoyed it then. tak ramai org pun. balik rumah, golek2 dpn goggle-box, off to MuMu early.

and i jst cant wait for trow..

Monday, August 17, 2009

its Monday!

its Monday, alrite. heh

yeah - Monday morn. u dun hav to tell me dat. its the first day of the week alrite. usually i used to kinda hate it well. u know wat i mean - the hang over post-weekend kinda thang... but dis time around - heh, i think i am gonna love Monday alrite. class for 2hrs on Stress and Management, clinical for coupla hrs around the psych. setting and off i shall leave for gym and jog and at nite - its gonna be my photography class. damn - talkin about the photography classes - dah dkt seminggu aku ponteng - since aku bz dgn papers, convo and such. the same thang wit kelas renang. i am gonna kick-off back again at full blast, starting dis week. and yayyy!! dis Wed- Thursday - i am gonna be on leave. Fraser it is!! huhu

it was a great weekend, yeah. i managed to hav kinda good break yeha - suits me well, after the papers and all the tiring week. went of for GI Joe. heh - i aint gonna talk about it alrite. it was a great time. but a bad choice. the thg is - lama dah aku tak tgk wayang kat Ipoh neh.. hehe

gtg. catch u later.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

early dinner.

I knw its darn way too early. Despite of i love to sit there and watch GI Joe for some reasons; i thk generally it sucks. Way too much of CGI making it damn too unreal. I knw it aint real, tp dis is damn fcuking unreal. And last part jalan ramai2 in a row.. eh, wats dis? Hindustan kah? And damn it, all the above making me craving for some kinda thang yg can kick me off.. and i cant be thking of anythg else, rather than a Double Cheese Burger - my all time freakin fav. Nak?

GI Joe.

A pre-fect Sunday. I mean, perfect it is..

Friday, August 14, 2009

a day, goes by.

the day went well. first paper at 9am - aku rasa i did well. not much problem, i supposed. but the second paper at 3 - i din expect such questions wld turned up. such a pissed. but then again - i managed to pull thru. and i managed to 'fill up all the empty pages', betul salah - itu lain cerita lar, kan? heh.

off to the clinic as aku shld be. for the first time - aku comply to the TCA date. nothg much. and nthg new. came back home wit nthg in my head. numb.

try doin some readin, it din go rite into my head.. i gez i need not to waste no time. shall be headin MuMu soon, and try again - to sit and do the readin at 3am, perhaps.

no. i wont go grumblin again. it wont help. and it wont be rite.



and the day is finally ere. heh. i hate it. why on earth do we hav to hav an exam eh? who on earth yg create dis so-called 'exam' thang? damn shait. but its ok. it wasnt like aku tak pernah duduk for exam pun.. and i've been thru dis a lot. the stress buildin up. the tense. the LV over both eyes for stayin up. the crave for more sleepin. and the the-more-u-read-the-more-u-lupa thingy. so cemaneh? heh. but the less i read, the more gelabah i am. adeh..

2 papers today. at 9am and 3pm. i've went thru em all - the notes, modules, the conteng2 at all pages et al. now its the matter of sama ada they stuck in there and able to drain out soon je.. i hope it aint stuck there and refuse to come out dah la.. or i thk it stucks in there, but it is somewhere else.. matilermelk! mintak simpang!!!

wish me luck. i need the whole wide world kinda luck, today. not only today - for trow and a day after trow. i know i'll be OK. but the feelin deep down - damn! i am not sure if i am OK now, God sake.


btw - yeah.. wish me luck, eh. think i need some. i mean - a real lots of it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


for some reason - i am feelin much better - physical and emotionally. i normally wont go buyin words from ppl about dis and dat about me. words as for me r jst words - they cld sometimes never mean a thang. ppl jst playin wit words for they love doin so. ppl jst put thgs nicely for they know the power of words, hell yeah.. - but dammit tonite - i aint sure wats up wit me then. i jst cant find any suitable words to portray the feelin alrite. some words r jst like melting me down and i feel so damn freakin helpless. heh. it aint a bad thang alrite. i jst love it - the way it is..

reading thgs on Personality Psycho. nope - dats not the paper for trow.. its for Sat. too many chapters to cover dat for the first time around - aku mcm kaget sket. but again - i knw i'd be doin alrite, insyaAllah. i know my capabilities pretty well. paling2 malas, tak bley masuk otak - aku tido je lah!! and mlm ni - around 10pm jap lagik - aku rather off for MuMuLand.. since gotta wake up at 3am and do my thang.. last minit maaa!

life's strange. and its weird alrite. unpredictable. ur down in deep shait only to know dat it wldnt be dat bad. ur down in deep shait only to know - damn! u really learn a lot, and it'd be a fool.. a real fool, if u din learn a thang.

i shall thank God then. for thgs He brings me.


study. stido. exam. Fraser.

nope. i din take dis pics.. i downloaded em all.
i'll be snapping more, on my own - insyaAllah.. and i jst cant wait.

heh. i am gettin more headache now. i see so many thgs in one page. bley? too many theories. too many thgs. aiyoo.. i used to be OK doin all dis 'last minit study' but now.. damn, i think the age is catchin up la kot.. minum Nescafe a real damn big mug pun wldnt do any changes.. once angin ngantok dah dtg - 'study' wld easy change into 'stido'. heh.

cant help thinkin the trip - next week to Fraser. it is the last thg i wanna do, hell yeah. i am takin off days for the trip - hope it'd be great. i've been wanting to go up there for so long - i got lots of ample time, chances yet i dun really put an effort in it God sake.. time2 mcm ni baru la kelam kabut arrange dis and dat. then again - i still hope its gonna be worth. heard theres nthg much up there.. but yet - it din change my mind, really.

i wont go wishin for anythg else, after dis.

bunga raya..

Official Symbols - Bunga Raya

The national flower of Malaysia is the hibiscus, or bunga raya. The flower is found in abundance throughout the country, and for this very reason, was chosen to be the national flower (in 1960) by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

There are many varieties of the hibiscus, but the five-petaled Hibiscus rosa sinensis was chosen above the others, as the most symbolically relevant. The five petals of the bunga raya symbolise the Rukunegara (the Five Principles of Nationhood), while the colour red represents courage.

It is believed that the flower first arrived in Malaysia via trade from its original home in the Far East sometime before the 12th century.

The national flower, bunga raya, is known for its medicinal properties. The roots of the plant are used as a cure for fever and other ailments, while the juice obtained from the leaves and roots is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles. Also, the petals were commonly used as cosmetics to darken and highlight women's eyebrows.

- from yet the pics r mine larrr! heh.

pics @ kampung

taken the above during my balik kampung thang last Sunday. wanted to upload it damn badly but i aint got much time of doin so.. even now pun - i am on 'take five' from struggling wit books, notes and such. heh.

watdya think?