Wednesday, July 22, 2009


reached home from dinning out at 9.30pm. i still hav like tonnes of works yg aku bawak balik wit the tot of trying to finish em all - or, perhaps.. if its aint gonna be 'all' pun, a bit pun dah ok. tapi now - i dun really feel like touchin any of em, pun. aku jst bukak beg keje aku.. tgk jadual for trow, list of stdnts for clinical teaching trow.. and dats it.

so trow - its gonna be a long day for me.. damn - wat a week. heading for clinical visits trow - KK Ayer Tawar and KK Pulau Pangkor. Pangkor? argkhhh.. its gonna taxing my time definitely. and i gotta schedule my travelling well, or else trow.. mlm la smpai rumah. and yeah - aku pe pun tak packin lagik for Redang neh.

think i am gonna hit my sack rite away after dis.. mengantok, penat. malas.

and yeah - i started to hate my handphone alrite. for one reason. i wish i know why. and i wish it'd be better than jst one lame typical kiasu reason.


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