Thursday, July 2, 2009

-ve energy!

i had much of negative energy around me today, indeed. it fills in me. my head. my heart. my body. and such. dammit - i can really feel it yet i din do anythg about it alrite. i jst.. layan je. and it leads me nowhere. i screamed like a mad man early in the more on freshies. i din do much at work. i din talk much. ppl can sensed it well - askin me wats wrong, wats dis wats dat. heh. i cld feel it alrite. but did i look damn way too obvious sunk in it? shait.

aku drove str8 back home after work. bought some mee goreng mamak - i refused to go for a gym, let alone for a so-called jog. had my meal - the first one for the whole day actually, lazyin in the coach infront of the idiotbox till i dozed off on Magrib.

feel dizzy, still. yet i got thgs to do. some re-arrangement has been done of the schedule - i am startin my class by trow morn., on Psychology; An Introduction for the young ones. heh.


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