Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday, it is.

despite of out from home early dis morn for conducting dis senaman pagi for the freshies; it was obviously din help me at all. i feel numb, still. i cant sleep last nite - i jst cant, at all. i was there blinking in the dark - wit so many thgs running up and down in my head. i was tossin up and down, pleadin for mercy so dat i cld jst hav my eyes closed for few hrs, before i started wit the whole new day, today. then again - i wasnt. i was downstairs wit Stilnox in my hand - when i decided not to pop any, for i hav promised myself i aint gonna take such thang anymore, jst to get myself to MuMuLand. i am not sure y - i aint takin no caffiene, no heavy meals 4hrs before bed, i did wash my face, wash my feet and such. i do too recite all the doa sebelum tido and such.. i was so damn tired, yet i cant jst closed my eyes.

came in to the office late - theres so much to do. classes shall be startin next week - full blast. i went thru the schedule - dammit i am goin thru hell of time, real soon. but then again - i am gonna go thru it all, alrite. i am used to it, theres no big deal. theh thg is - i am so not in the mood to deal wit all dis preparation for the talk and classes and such. i am damn way too lazy, today.


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