Tuesday, July 21, 2009


BEP E.N.D rocks!

i gez finally i figured out who on earth yg bagi aku dis Black Eyed Peas - E.N.D album, semlm. it was one of the stdnt - a gal, i think - i yet to know the name, which group etc. but basically - i think i know lah. heh. lot of great tracks alrite.. best kalo aku transfer into my mp4 for jog and gym. for whoever ur - gal, thanks! u've made my day.

it takes me like 20mins or so to get the hell out of the bed, jst now. i gez dats it la - the pain started to be a bit unbearable nowadays. i feel easily feel nauseated, each time. but the best part is (still) - i aint havin dis like everyday, cuma kdg2 je.. esp wit vigorous sudden movement and such.

6hrs of teaching today. hell shait, yeah. 4jam pun dah hilang suara.. haha.. i hope thgs gonna be jst fine, for the whole day - today. somehow or rather - i am putting all shait beside - and tryin to be focus. heh - weekend is coming, anyway.

hav a great day, fellas! and remember - smile yr shait out.

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Mus The Great said...

omg...review plss...