Friday, July 24, 2009


sunset in Redang.

alrdy at work. i am havin 3hrs of teaching today - 2hrs of Human Behavior for the juniors and an hr on Drug Addiction for the seniors. i jst wanna finish the hrs off before i off home - aku belum packing pe2 pun, basically!!

eager for the trip. its been a while aku hav sort break. and i know - dis is gonna be great, tho deep down - dis is so different - not like before. but life is running short, time is on the run. i cant jst sit and feelin bad for myself.

i am bringin my Maxis Berokband - hoping there'll be a coverage up down there - since Art said so! Art - kalo tak der coverage.. pohon chendana la ko! haha

hav a great weekend, fellas!

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artisticklytouch said...

aku plak kena charut...maki la mexis, bukan aku yang buat internet connection tuh ha ha

believe me...with all the scenery, the sand, the beach, the water....

u just dont want to get connected to the outside world..

enjoices juols....i've had my time there..