Monday, July 20, 2009


had a great nice of 3hrs class in a row jst now. the topic was pretty darn heavy - and early in the morn., Monday mornin some more. i was thinkin i'll be on a hot pan - but thank God thgs turned out to be nice. cracked coupla joke, linked wit the topic, make em clearly seen the point.. and the rest wld go on, smoothly - i think. rasa puas ati sgt by the time ur done wit the teachin, u cld see em all seein at u, not blinkin - wit no-blur kinda face. and trow - lagik heavy.. 6hrs. heh.

aku nyer first class of photography start tonite. 2jam.. i told the guy yg run the class dat i dun hav any big2 dslr or somethg like dat - thank God he said', 'heh, tak pe.. bwk je kamera pe2 yg u ada..'. finally - one of the thgs yg aku nak sgt do dlm idup aku all dis while - comes to reality. aku really hope i hav enuff time to finish the course up.. and kalo ada rezeki murah, pjg umur and such - i'll get myself a dslr la, tgk mcmaner.. dslr - is one of those thgs yg i wanted to hav. kalo ada one - God, i wldnt go askin for anythg at all..

another thg yg aku nak sgt buat/take up - is swimming class. jgn gelak - dats my lackin. aku mmg tak tau berenang. sengal sgt. i wish i cld learn all dis eversince aku kecik2 lagik.. i do hav the chance - yet again, i din see the point of y shld i, i din see the consequences if i dun. heh. nyesal lah.. and aku too - wld like to.. byk la. aku dah siap list pun. kelakar eh? poyo sgt.

and i want to travel more..after Redang - aku harap dpt pi Fraser. and harap2 before Ramadhan la.. never been there all my life. i love bein in the highlands, beaches. and Fraser is one of the place yg dah lama sgt aku nak pi, tp tak sempat2.. i dun mind of goin there alone pun - long as i gotta chance fulfilling it alrite - i gez dah cukup bagus. and go seeing my lovely sis in Leeds.. dat wld be great, aye?

the highlight of the week - Pulau Redang la, end of dis week of course. cant wait for it.. Marine Park, beautiful beach, great time off. i wanted to go places there where i've been before - dulu. and do thgs i did last time. mandi laut, candat sotong, mandi laut again.. tho aku tak tau berenang - which somehow makes me feel ralat sgt dis time around - tp tak pe la.. pelampong will always be there to do the trick, eh?

u know wat? if i ever get the chance of turnin the time back to where i wanted to - i definitely will be doin all those thgs i wanted to, all those thgs i hav to.. i wont be goin bertangguh2 in most of the thgs dat makes u rasa bersalah every now and then. but then again - ur aint God. u jst cant be doin dat alrite. aku tak nyesal.. cuma mcm rasa ralat sket je. aku shldve learn how to repair kete/moto sket2.. basic pun tak pe, aku shldve do sports even more - excel, i mean. i shldnt be go hangin the raket tenis up the wall like wat i did now - jst because injured sket je.. and now baru terhegeh2 nak cari raket tenis and such. i shld go for more tea tarik wit frens, and shopping even more..

and tak lupa to push the trolley back to where it belongs - rather then jst tolak letak belakang kereta org.. erm.


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artisticklytouch said...

oi...kat Redang tak pakai pelampung la...pakai life jeket..

dah tua bangka tak reti berenang lagi..kuak lentang atas katil pandai plak he he

oh, the shopping kart..memang sepatutnya buat macam tulah supaya orang yang amek parking kita kemudiannya akan ada troli dah...

see, khidmat komuniti..