Wednesday, July 8, 2009


had a terrible headache last nite. and i puked coupla times too. i do believe it was not becoz of perut kosong or watever not. it hits me alrite and made me kinda worried. i went search for all the TCA cards, appointments and such - dat i shldve been goin for the past coupla weeks back, yet i didnt. i was kinda regret. i am scared shait, really. they wanted to refer me down to KL but i refused - i requested for Penang. date fixed, but i didnt turn up there. shait.


woke up early dis mornin only to find dat i needed like 30mins to lay back and slowly outta bed, walkin to the washroom. i feel like i wanna go back sneakin into the bed, yet i cant for i got classes today. i feel so hopeless.


may be i shld be stop thinkin of wat i've been thinkin. may be i shld stop hopin for thgs i aint sure of. may be i stop foolin myself, makin myslf like an idiot - or may be i shld stop makin others from keep on treatin me like a simple plain toy. it hurts me alrite.

i jst wish for the best. for today. coz i dun feel like livin anymore.

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azab75 said...

are u ok doc..?? u sound really bad.. physically & mentally.. chill out ok. Don't think too much..