Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am set to go. I am gonna be a strong, sexy guy trow. Most gals love pink. And for guys, its an absurd. Pink is a taboo for guys. But then, its jst a colour, rite? I rmbr Uncle said to me in FB - only those guys wit guts, sexy and confident will hav one, on. Haha.. Wait a sec., i dun thk i am one la kot. But like i care! I aint a pussy. I got guts. Pink is jst a colour, kan? And hell yeah, i am gonna get it pressed and i am gonna put it on, walk wit head held high. Dah lama i hav dis, i shldve wear it earlier pun. Bukan takut, coward or such. It jst dat.. erk, well Soleh tak de.. so its tough time for me coz - heh, ok - aku tak tau ikat tie actually. Kan! Laugh if u shld. But i jst dun knw how to tie one. Susah lar! Byk kali bljr, tak dpt2. So dats it, byk lagi benda lain aku bley bljr. Hehe.. But then, dats not the issue. I am gonna be pink trow.. 'welcome to the Pink Sister' tiber2. Heh. Ask Shah. He knows about dat.


Amazingly Azlynn said...


tak tau ikat tie : hahaha....hapa da!
pakai baju pink : sweet...:)ok ape pakai pink...bravo! i love pink :))

jerry maguire, jr. said...

lynn - dah mmg x bley n x dpt2 skil ikat tie tu, tak bley paksa2, kan? nak watcemaneh. pasrah je lah. haha

Amazingly Azlynn said...

shahe : usaha tangga kejayaan..chaiyok! chaiyok! shahe boleh..hahahaha...:)