Monday, July 20, 2009

photography. gnite.

despite of mentally fatigue and a feelin disappointment filling me in like shait - aku gagah jugak la balik at 6pm - skippin my daily dose of gym and jog - head home terus. at 7.30pm - aku had another class to go on wit; dis time around i aint doin the teachin, but i sat at the back - doin the learnin thang. i love the class alrite - tho after about 45mins and so.. aku started berFaceBookin every now and then. quite a number of us all - bois and gals - and i was the 'youngest'! damn. and gez wats the other participant callin me? argkhh.. and gez wats the so-called cikgu yg ngajar panggil aku plak? another argkhhh.. and as expected - budak2 neh bwk pelbagai mak nenek nyer camera bagak2.. aku je bwk simple Canon PowerShot SX100 IS aku. haha.. kelakar. heh - its ok. nak belajar, rite? bukan sesi nak tyg saper bagak. after all yg bwk bagak2 tu pun - haram tau pe.. heh.

smpai rumah around 9.30pm. aku penat - mentally and physically. trow i am havin another like 6hrs of classes. argkhh.. yet - aku din go thru any of em all.

theres thgs dat still bothering me.. runnin around, marchin in my head. i wish i cld hold on to the faith dat i am havin. but then - ntah la. i still do hav the faith alrite.. cuma byk benda yg buat aku confuse.. 'u r not stupid, but u r too kind to let people make fool of u..' as someone told me. i dun know.

headin MuMuLand now. i am so damn tired.


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RIZAL said...

nk itot ke MuMu land gakkk.......