Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Its tiring day. Hectic, in fact. I had 2hrs of teaching of Drug Abuse and Dependence in the morning. I tot dats it. But it wasnt. Aku baru teringat yg BPL is coming down for all dis bloody die-die ISO thang yg aku benci sgt. Theres so many thgs yg aku dah buat, tp mcm half-baked, ada yg tak siap, ada yg dah siap tp filing tak btol. Argkh, i hate dis kinda thang. At 3.30pm aku dah off leaving the building to the gym, do my thang and at 5.30pm aku spent time jog skejap. By 7pm aku dah home - physically and mentally tired. And dammit, aku lapar too. Think of having KFC la mlm ni, really.. Been having the urge dr pagi tadi lagi. And yeah, dats wat i am gonna hav, tnite.

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solo molo said...

sgt syiok mam KFC... ;)