Thursday, July 9, 2009


reached the office pretty early as usual. i am goin to finish up coupla works before off to Psych. Clinical area to see all the stdnts posted there. its been a while since i go around and see em all. got 2hrs of classes - aku postpone to next week sajer since i aint in the mood of teaching pun.

shall be hit home around 11am, do my packin and leave for Penang around 1pm. frankly speakin - i dun really feel like goin. but dis time around - i am goin there for 2 reasons; attendin the seminar, and off to see the specialist there. i din hav any expectation - i jst go there for at least - i try.

din take any dinner - makin me feel like lapar giler now. i shld be goin to the cafe first la kot.. before thgs goes occupied.

i'll u ppl in Penang. teringat jeruk buah pala weh.


@xiM said...

in penang now?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Axim - will be there in bayView by 3 or 4pm.. till Sat. noon..