Thursday, July 9, 2009


Finally, i am on the road heading for Png. Mr Ahmad Ramli came pick me up at 12.45pm, they we head for Ajak's place. Dammit, i had a freakin good laugh. Imagine dis - khakis, short sleeves checker, tuck in, kasut itam, wit belt. And worst part is, its Ajak! Haha.. I wanted to golek on the ground, laughing out loud while down the star thang wit my both upper and lower limbs. OMG, i jst cant believe it. He wit his coy face maki kat luar kete like 'gampang ko x ckp nak pakai mcm neh!' to me. Hahaha.. Aku simple - cargo, tshirt collar and sandals. He was like, too 'ko pehal sengih2'. Haha.. He was so like pakcik2 or cikgu2 yg skema giler pi kedai runcit pun tuck in. Heh. Ajak, way to go. U awesome. Haha

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