Friday, July 10, 2009


sunrise - over the window.

cant really sleep last nite. sneaked under the thick blanket around 2am - aku malas to think dat i am pretty hungry, and to turun jst to hav somethg to eat - before sleepin - was aint an option. tried to close my eyes - i did, but at 4am - aku dah alrdy opened up wide. theres so many thgs in my mind at dat particular time; even now - i aint the wat about.

told Ajak dat i am goin to sneak out for few hrs, during the seminar - to settle my own thang. Ita will be in to drive me around, for i aint sure where on earth is Island Hospital. thanks to ita - she takes an off day, today jst to bring me around. her college is around in ere, and drivin around in dis island wasnt a big deal for her.

i aint got no xpectation. even if i do - i am putting it as low as i can. of coz i wanted the best - tho i aint sure about it anymore. but then - watever it is.. it aint gonna be dat bad, yeah. jst had the feelin.

skang baru rasa ngantok. benci lar..

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