Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday - the truth.

it was one hell hectic day for me, indeed. wat a Monday. another reason y i shld in 'love' wit Monday, hell yeah. as if. a big HEH for dat. serious - i was like hangin my balls everywhere, most of the time for the whole one month - last month (of coz i was a bit bz now and then - tp tak la mcm ari neh!), tiber2 masuk je budak2 neh - aku mcm terus on the fast-track, jst like dat. terkesima le sekejap. imagine - masuk je 7am aku dah kalut wit few thgs (aku tau - yet aku still able to update the blog, kan? heh). by 8am je - Ketua Unit Komuniti mtk tlg aku cover kwsan klinikal dia since staff dia tak cukup. eh - bley eh mcm tu? Ketua Unit kasik order kat Ketua Unit lain, jst like dat? sebab aku junior, eh? argkhh.. so there i was on the road pusing-pusing cari stdnt, penyelia klinikal, briefing em all, buat muka mesra alam wit all loves in me.. masuk je kereta - aku cepat2 pasang aircond, mp3 kuat and off aku go.

smpai je ofis around 2.30pm - aku duduk diam2 dlm bilik. so many thgs to do.. classes aku start trow like 2 hrs ere, 2 hrs there, one hr ere.. argkhh.. hands-out, reading. adoi. gilemek. byg kan - tak pernah dlm idup aku kat kolej neh - tie aku intact tergantung on the neck, nicely mcm aku masuk keje.. smpai pkul 5pm! bley? fikir2 balik - heh, nape aku still like dis? wah! pelik siot. duduk jap aku mikir.

theres a few suprises fillin me in. it makes me full of mixed-feelin, leavin me the a big question mark hangin over my head - the question of whom to trust to, was it worth it and such. the plot was simple - A likes u. u dun feel like liking A dat much. or - u dun like A lah senang. u knw C very well - a best fren. all in one. A knows about it. A go cucuk2 C so C will go confuse, go berserk and throw some sawan and then, get carried away. heh - wat is dis? y ppl love to choose in killin one another? ur tellin bad thgs about others - so u will feel like, wat? superior? helooooo.. go get a life lah. ur so retarded, i think ur drop down rite on the floor by the time u first see dis whole bloody world. ur so retarded dat u thk ur good, where as actually - sorry dear; ur piece of shait dat dun deserve to idup pun. hate urself, alrite. like i care. but jst stop making ppl hates u more. it wldnt do u a freakin good, trust me.

i am home now. dah mandi, infront of the idiotbox wit OJ on my hand. and on my lappy too. the initial plan to skip gym and jog so i can be home early was - i feel like masak-masak tonite. but dammit - aku was like mentally fatigue; malas sgt segala bagai.

think i'd jst stick my arse in dis lazy cozy chair, smpai masuk tido kang. bley?



azab75 said...

Alamak.. so many A,B,C huh..!! R we in kindergarden? hehehe.. can I be Mr X..?? or maybe Mr S for Superman.. Mmm.. tak nak lah Mr O lah for Ottoman.. hehehe..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

heh. tampar kang! haha

azab75 said...

teledera..!!! ada raksasa gorgon nak tampar saya.. dia baru je penyek otroman.. hehehe..