Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I hav to admit dat i prefer to drive 'long time used' Iswara of mine rather the other new one. Been using dis for ages, eversince aku stdnt. The best part is - dis Iswara tahan lasak, coz me not much problem and still can go around thru out any kinda distance. Not dat aku tak suka the other new one, jst dat aku rasa the new one mcm 'mengada-ngada' sket, too much hassle, kurang pick up etc etc. But today, it upsets me. Or may be shes upsets for some reasons la kot. Tak pernah2 tayar went flat, it is - today. Kuar je dr kete after gym/jog, aku noticed tyr blkg mcm dah flat. It is flat, lah. Heh, dah magrib2, kena layan jap la manja Iswara aku neh.. Sian plak. Since tayar pun bru lagik, aku tmpal je.. Bdn b'bau, dah like 12hrs aku away dr rmh. Heh.
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