Wednesday, July 1, 2009

missing. and being missed.

after done wit dinner - i was a bit tipsy alrite. theres a jamuan held for those yg dpt cemerlang - i jst go for it since i was invited by the committee. by 3pm - aku started feel like theres no point of stayin back in the office - for most of the job were done for the day, and i did was layan budak2 neh yg tak abes2 dtg jumpak aku for various reasons. i packed my thgs - off i went, leaving the buildin. by 4.30pm - aku dah kat gym. i had a nice workout for the first 10mins when suddenly ppl started to flock in - makin the gym was kinda noise and pack - i hate dis kinda surroundin - for ppl tend to hav small stalks rather than workin out. after 45mins bear wit dat kinda situation; aku decided to call off the day, and head for a jog.

theres so many thgs jumble up in my head now. sweet words. nice phrases. flattering sentences. once in a while it'd be great to hear it alrite. but sometimes - u mght come up to a point when u started feel doubt about whole thang.. and sad enuff - when u realised the whole thang was about physical thang, rather than u really bein missed by someone and such. wat if ur not good enuff? wat if ur not the way ur now? wld u still be missed? wld u still be receving all those flattering words, sweet words and such?

i miss the time when ur bein missed, when it aint fake at all. or - i shldnt call it as 'fake', may be - its like when it looks so real dat u cld put a real smilin on yr face, all day long. by havin such words and all. when ur bein missed for u too - missin dat particular person, like shait.

and pls. dun get me wrong. i aint whinning. i jst feel like sharing. coz by sharing thgs, by puttin thgs in ere - it really makes me feel much better. indeed.

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