Tuesday, July 14, 2009


First meal wit rice after coupla days now. I dun feel like eating pun, jst dat i do thk i do need some carbo too, alrite. So ere i am, taking some effort drivin up ere to the cafè, alone. Ramai stdnts, its lunch break time. Nyesal plak dtg ni.. i was like kena senyum2, 'hi!' em back and such. Heh, its ok la kot. No biggie pun. Despite of havin a great 2hrs of teaching early dis morning, i now feelìng kinda holed inside. I am still waiting, looking forward for sthg yg deep down, i aint sure if its goin to be, or not. Some sweet words, to be fulfill. Some kinda words yg smlm kept me smiling yet now, ì feel like an idiot bitch wit no pride, waiting like a sad moron.. I started to feel sad, for thgs r aint the same, anymore..

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