Thursday, July 23, 2009


And Pangkor, real soon. Nice cuaca. Parked the car at the parking b'tingkat, exactly kat tmpt yg aku pernah park dulu.. like 8mths bck. Co-incidence? Nah, i aint kinda man who believe in dat. Fate? I dun knw. Drove thru Seri Manjung tdi, aku mcm tersedar jap.. its been a while since aku last drive thru dat town. Most of the time aku try not to. For i dun see any reason y shld i. Jst dat theres thgs in ur life yg u refused to go thru again, let alone anythg at all yg cld trigger ur previous memories, doin the so-called 're-visit' to the lane u've been thru before. The shait and such. But the memories - dats the only thang i treasured. In the ferry now. Aku decided to stay kat atas since feri ni 2 tgkt. Ada small deck kat blkg neh, nanti bley la snap2 amek pic. Itu pun kalo rajin. Heh.

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