Sunday, July 5, 2009


jst woke up. its kinda strange for me to wake up at dis time, really. used to crash early and wake up a bit darn early too. semlm - after the karaoke thang in RedBox, Low Yat - me, Azhar and Wan off for a drink in NZ Corner or smthg - the crowd was like shait, and we jst had some drink, chit chat a bit and off we go since Wan kena keje at 4am - and obviously he need some crashin to do. so both of em sent me back to the room - and i am tellin u the truth; shait - i dun really feel like to be in ere, in dis room pun. alone. pathetic!

so there i am - walkin around in the room, watchin StarMovie after one to another, was on-line for the entire nite - where there was nbdy around pun. tried to sleep, but i am not sleepin at all. around 4am - i switched off all the thang - and i remember it took me another 30mins to doze of to my MuMuLand. heh.

i am packin up. for the first time after all dis while - i hav to admit dat dis is the lousiest trip down in ere to KL. i used to hav a lot of thgs to do. not dat i cant be doin thgs dis time around - but doin it alone - dat is the last thg in mind i'd be doin. and i feel like eager to go back home.. in coupla months to come from now on - i wont be doin dis anymore.. i mean - KL-UPM thang. i jst cant wait, God sake.

need a shower now. and i think i am damn hungry, too.

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