Friday, July 31, 2009

life is..

theres so many thgs goin on lately. i learnt a lot. really. dun blame me - for dats life is, as it is. lthey say ife is a learnin process. and i believe in it darn pretty well - for in a way or another - we r learnin so many new thgs every single days, all along. we learn about others, we learn about our own self, we learn about whole life. theres so many thgs to discover - theres need not to look back and grief, theres no need to finger the others if life aint be the way u wanna be. it is sad dat somehow - only now dat i know how life wld be great if u cherish the past, treasured it as well - yet look up to the days dat r comin wit full of anticipation. it mght sound fuckin cliche - but dats the fact. i've been spendin so much time wasted - wit shait and all, again and again around the circle - and its about time to think about my own self, the time left for me and such.

i dun know how u'd take dis - but i jst enrolled kelas berenang semlm. funny, aye? dun be. coz its in my to-do list, God sake! i am done wit Redang, i am undergoin the photography classes (and i do think i am improving well, yeah - wit a cheap simple camera). and i wanted to be done wit dis thang - at least getting the chance to hav dis feelin of floating and dealin wit pool, river, sea and such well - for i jst love em all, God sake. aku amek short coz for 2 wks - the instructor said by end of 2 wks, at least - at least, i'll be ok wit the basics. and its gonna be like 3times a weeks. heh - matilemelks.. kelas photography 2times a week. wldnt dat makes me like.. erk, an MB? haha

will be in Zoo Taiping for an event there dis coming Saturday. animals = more photos, i think. Sunday - health talk. next Saturday - a community service wit NGO around town. and may be aku will be doin a blaik kampung next Sunday. miss my mum/dad. miss mum's cookin. nasik lemak and such.

and i am thinkin of Fraser, lately. i wanted to go there before Ramadan. but then, time's flyin darn fast. i jst hope i can fix coupla days in between and go there, for another short-break. i've never been there. and i wanna be there.

sometimes - u'd feel blessed for all shait thrown to u for it'd make u wiser. and u'd grateful then at least life wld be dat way - no matter wat ppl may say - ur glad u've been thru shait dat others never been thru. ppl will talk. ppl will label u, alrite. for they never been in ur shoes - they'll feel superior alrite. the fact is - they din know a single shait.

life's short. jst live life. before life, leaves u.


artisticklytouch said...

yup, they know no single shait

Mr.Kimia said...

life's short. jUst live life. before life, leaves u.