Saturday, July 18, 2009

life is..

its been a while since aku really do the writing in ere. not dat i dun want to. i always do hav dis sort of ideas flowin in jst like dat - but the prob is - i wasnt infront of the lappy/pc at dat particular time, or worst to worst i dun hav anythg to jot down, too. usually i'll jot thgs down so dat i wont be forgetting a thang. and yeah - last week i was kinda occupied wit thgs, too.

lately - life, so unpredictable. theres so many thgs around me. i was shocked, i was blessed, i was happy and at the same time, i was confuse for wat it brings me. i gez life's like dat. u never know wat it is until u go down the lane, urself. suddenly i wish i cld be havin a bit more time - so i can finish thgs well, ended up havin thgs i wanted in life all dis while. so dat i cld see thgs i wanted to see and so much more. i know thgs gonna be jst fine as for me, as for ppl around me. but yet - i aint sure of it, really.

u agree wit it or not - ur so damn alone in dis life. alone in the sense of - u know ur havin lots of ppls around u - who claims to like u so damn much, who claims to be there when ur up or down, who says dat they love u damn freakin much. but then again - when suddenly ur realised ur in deep shait or when u do think u really do need someone in the sense of support and such - only then u knew dat all those thang r damn bloody illusion alrite. again - dats the fact of life, alrite. let me take the blame if ur not up to dis. or put it a blame on me sayin dat its my own fault - for bein damn in the closet, for not lettin others to really know me.

i think - thgs r not there for me to put much hope on, really. i started to feel dis is the time i shld givin up.

heh. dats so life, i gez.

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