Thursday, July 9, 2009

kickin off

heh - alrdy in the room. thanks God - aku stayed dgn Ajak. easy for me. although he's kinda messy (sorry Ajak - but dats the fact la, kan? haha), but when he stayed wit me - he knws how to adapt wit me well. in fact he's the one yg request nak stay dgn aku.. aku ok je. in fact i do think i am glad stayin wit Ajak, senang. tak kecoh. he knows the limit. respect privacy and such.

seminar started at 8pm sharp. by 8.30pm - aku dah mula nguap giler2 nyer.. duduk bwh lampu - Izzah msg aku ckp dia kat belakang silau. ampeh. tp bila penceramah started to ask around - tiber2 je aku mula alert. haha.. risau seh! kena tnya and kena jwb infront of like hundred ppls.. euw.

me and Ajak - the grizzly bear. he went down for a drink wit his fren who works in ere kat spital Penang - leavin me alone. erm - ngantuk, tp rasa rugi plak kalo tido awal2.. hehe

gnite la siap2. nice MuMu, ppl.

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