Monday, July 6, 2009

its Monday, yeah!

brand new, yeah.

its a brand new day - for a brand new week. lookin at my schedule for the whole week - euw! i wish i din do dat early in the morn! hahaha.. its pretty pack yet - think i am gonna be ok. i am looking for coupla thgs thru out dis whole week in fact - hoping its gonna bring me a change or two.

its gonna be a bit bz day for me, today for aku kena brief all the stdnts yg posting klinikal in Psych. departments. erm - since format sumer dat berubah - aku kena go thoroughly on every each lil petty thang, indeed. LP to be done. class preps to be done - for trow aku ada 2 hrs of lect., and the same thang on Wed. Thur - Sat ( 9 July - 11 July 2009) i will be in BayView Hotel, Pulau Pinang for sort of Seminar/Persidangan Pengajar ILKKM over there.. lookin at the list of the name - phewwww.. Ajak is goin too. yayy!! there'll be member sekepala, God sake. heh.

reached home around 8.30pm semlm. aku put my bags aside, mandi2, selongkar fridge for i aint dat hungry but i did feel kinda urged to much a bit - gosok gigi, cuci muka, basuh kaki, changed my boxer and off to the MuMuLand. and it was like 9.30pm.. i cant remember how long i took to cross over to the other land - but i believed by the time aku letak je kepala, off aku lost my conscious. hehe.. and dis mornin - i had a great feelin wakin up wit rasa puas sgt tdo, wit a blank headed yeah. and now aku dah kat office pun - preparing for the day. theres so many thgs to do - i do hope i'll get thgs done in time.

erm - suddenly aku had dis coupla list dlm paler otak aku wit the title of 'teringin'. heh - (a) kuah durian wit roti Benggali, (b) tosai garing2 wit kuah kari ikan, (c) futsal, (d) gym.. heh - dah brp ari aku tinggal eh?.. nah - i dun really think of gym, in fact. its a plain lie. heh. hahaha.. crazy how ur mind can be, sometimes.


azab75 said...

Mm.. ngidam la pulak pagi2 senin neh..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ko larr neh! haha